quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

The Greenroom Festival 2009 Yokohama Japan

The Greenroom Festival 2009.
I was so stoked when I got invited to be part of this year Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, Japan. It´s a dream come true...
I always dream about Japan and this will be a super sick chance to go visit and also show my photography.
One of the nicest thing, is that, I´m the first and only brazilian ever invited to this Festival in Japan.
My buddy Yusuke Hanai did a awesome job on the poster, and I will have the chance to meet in person, names like Thomas Campbell, Shortstraw´s chief, Ben Waters, Heather Brown, Ryan Tatar, Cyrus King.... Will watch Tmoe´s The Present... Will see my good brothers Jonathan and Jared Mattson, and will meet Ray Barbie... WOW... I will make an installation with 20 photos, old and new work... 7 days in Japan... even my boss here help me out given me the days to go...
Thanks a lot to my sponsor Viking Surfboards USA that got the ticket... Thanks Big Boss and Takashi from Greenroom, Yusuke for the help, and specially my dear lovely wife that let me go... Te amo...
See you in JAPAN!!!!

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