quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Yassine Ouhilal | Thawscapes: visions of global warming

Yassine Ouhilal Thawscapes: visions of global warming

Art opening Friday March 12th 7:00-9:00pm at Argyle Fine Art
1869 Upper Water St.

Yassine Ouhilal's images have graced the covers of the world's most coveted publications. Over the last 10 years, he has traveled the world extensively as an editorial photographer. Thawscapes will show some of Ouhilal's most personal work. These images from the arctic regions of the world are an honest portrayal of the impacts of global warming on the far north. While some glaciers Ouhilal photographed are receding at alarming rates-many of which will be entirely gone in our lifetime, the thawed spaces left in these glaciers wake are revealed for the first time in recent geologic times.

A series of limited edition pure pigment on watercolour prints will be on display along with select, unique edition pieces.

Live music will be performed by Montreal's thisquietarmy.

A short film will be presented during the opening.

IF YOU ARE AT A DISTANCE, YOU CAN STILL SEE THE SHOW once it has opened at http://www.argylefa.com/



terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

Eu Mesmo Faria

"Eu Mesmo Faria" its the new movie from Brazilian surfer Junior Faria.
Junior is one of the best brazilian surfer, and a very aesthetic fellow.
Below, Junior words about the film,
"It´s a small project, mainly focused on my last two years as a freesurfer (since I quit the World Tour two years ago because of my convictions) and I managed to work with five of the best brazilian surf movie producers: Rafael Mellin, Henrique Daniel, Gustavo Camarão, Marcelo Dada and Pablo Aguiar. Each of this guys edited on part showing their style and translating their point of view about the trips we made together. I traveled with each producer separately in different periods of time to different places. "
The name in english it´s something like "That´s me".
You can check the trailer here http://vimeo.com/9327444
Junior also is a very talented photographer and you can check his work here http://www.jrfaria.com/
If not the only, one of the only brazilian pro surfer that really knows and do art in the best essence.
The premier will be here in Santos, on march 11th, 9PM at the Cine Roxy.
And you can get the movie purchasing the next Hardcore Magazine here in Brazil. www.hardcore.com.br