segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2008

Ithaka Darin Pappas, november, 2006.
I took this photo some days after I met Ithaka. Very nice guy, artist, surfer, musician...

segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2008

Thyola in his factory. The biggest surf factory in South America.
I spent some time here when i was a kid, cutting fins for some money, and this place brings to me plenty of memories.
Thyola is the best glasser from Brasil and one of the best around the world.
Lightning Bolt factory, april 2008.

sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Ice cream butt...
March, 2008

quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2008

Cover of Tribo Skate #151 may, 2008

Got publish in Tribo Skate magazine. Mike's visit in Brasil was very intense and work for Mark Jeremias from Drive was a big honour. Thanks Mark, Mike, Ryan, Marc, Levy.
The portrait, and the two action ones are mine. Mike V. with mic by Jerri Rossato.
Thanks Tribo.

Cem por cento skate, may 2008

First page of the editorial, photo by Alexandre Vianna.

Cem por cento skate, #122 may, 2008
Well, actually i got publish on the same month in the two biggest skateboard magazines from Brasil.
Double page of Mike Vallely, frontside crail slide in Bertioga skatepark filming for Drive Skateboard.
Thanks to Alexandre Vianna.

segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008

Me, my instalation in the I Santos SurfArt in Santos city last january.

domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Eduardo Bage, Santos, december, 2006

quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2008

Jair by MaiBritt Wolthers 2008

Today I got a really nice surprise.
MaiBritt Wolthers is a Danish lady that lives in Brasil.
She’s a painter and she was part of my book, Alma Santista.
On the cocktail release she took a bunch of photos of me, while I was signing the books and greeting people and friends.
Today she called me and said that she did a piece about me and she wants to give it to me…

Here it is and check her website

terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2008

Josiah solitude
San Diego, California 2004

quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2008

Drift Magazine #4 cover
Alma Santista book review
Book review kindly wrote by Adriano Vasconcellos, editor of Alma Surf Magazine from Brasil.
The book released in june last year and it's about the surf and beach culture from the city of Santos, in the south coast of Sao Paulo. The surf started in Brasil in this city on the 30's.
Drift Magazine put this review up on their forth issue.
Thanks Adriano!
Thanks Howard!
Terah in San Marcos pool,
California, march 2008