quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2008

How sick is this?
II Santos SurfArt original version at Nat's room.
Can't express in words how happy I am with this..
Thanks Nat!
Photo by Danielle Rubi. thanks too!

segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

II Santos SurfArt... more news soon...
poster art by Nat Russell

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

From left to right...
Carlinhos Argento, Biro, Eduardo Argento and Homero.
Carlinhos and Eduardo are the Twin brothers that was one of the biggest surf brands in Brasil.
Classic guys and all around good and gentle guys..
Biro is a shaper from Sao Paulo that lives and shapes in the North Shore of O'ahu.
And Homero is probably the biggest legend of surfing from Brasil. As a shaper, he's the most influencial one.
This was taken on the Festivalma 2008, in Sao Paulo.