sábado, 31 de julho de 2010


ESPO at Transfer Art Show in Sao Paulo.

quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Barry McGee

Barry McGee finishing his instalation on Transfer Art Show in Sao Paulo.

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Thomas Campbell and Micah Mattson in Brasil

Thomas painting his instalation at Transfer Art Show in Sao Paulo. He film all the process in 16mm time lapse.
Tmoe painting. photos by Ciro Bicudo
Tmoe, me and Micah Mattson. photo by Herbert Passos Neto Packing at my living room to go back to California.
Well, Jared Mattson (The Mattson 2) told me two weeks ago that his brother Micah and Thomas Campbell were coming to Brasil to set a installation at an art show in Sao Paulo called Transfer. So I email Thomas and invite to before or after the show, he could come to the beach and surf. He like the idea, and last saturday I went to Sao Paulo to see little from his work, and to drive them to the coast. It was awesome to see him working, and he was super nice with me and Ciro Bicudo. Sunday afternoon he rent it a car and I drove straight to my tinny apartment in Sao Vicente. We order pizza, and they said they never eat that many pizza in their whole lifes. At the show the people there order pizza every single night... so to celebrate, we order the last time at my place, and he saw on my tv deck my surf movies and ask to watch one in special called "Little Black Wheels" from my great friend Michael Waters, and he love it. Monday morning we went to the Quebra-mar (Emissario Submarino park) and he freak out about the skatepark. He said it's perfect! Him and Micah skate for some time, and they just love it. After that they went to surf, and a good friend of mine Herbert let Thomas use his longboard and Micah surfed with my single fin. The waves wasn't that good, but they had fun. After that we went to this Indian/vegetarian restaurant, and the food was great, and the talk too. Thomas was telling stories about the waves around his house in California and love the guarana juice that they serve at the place. Later we went to a supermarket to buy Havaianas sandals for them to bring back, and after back to apartment to pack and they left to the airport around four o'clock afternoon.
Well, it was nice and weird at the same time. Having such a legend around you and sleeping on the floor of your apartment, it's weird... but he was super cool, and treat everyone with kind and love. He loved the stories about Santos first surfer controversy, and about the surf break in front of my window, Garganta do Diabo. This year have been really hard for me, but some little things happen and give you a little inspiration. This weekend was inspiring. Thanks Tmoe and Micah for the nice time.